Yes, #BlackLivesMatter is Necessary.

In lieu of the recent murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police officers. In lieu of the murders by police officers that came before them. In lieu of everything that has happened during the week of July 4, 2016, it's important to note that yes, #BlackLivesMatter.

#BlackLivesMatter doesn't mean #OnlyBlackLivesMatter. In the black community, we know that in actuality, all lives matter. We know that. We understand that. In fact for hundreds of years, we've helped (against our own will at times) to better the lives of other races. In a post-slavery and post-civil rights movement America, we've worked hand-in-hand helping any and all other races. So why is it a problem, that in a time when we are being picked off and we are crying out for help, we get none? That's all we're asking for. #BlackLivesMatter is a movement to push that ideal forward. To build awareness for something we shouldn't have to build awareness for.

When a house is on fire, we focus on putting the fire out on that particular house. We don't look around the neighborhood and say, "Gee, all these houses *could* catch on fire." We douse the flames when they appear. In this case, the flames are police brutality and poor race relations.

#BlackLivesMatter is not calling for the killing of police in retaliation for what they've done to us. #BlackLivesMatter isn't trying to overthrow the government and enslave all white people for the next 400 years. #BlackLivesMatter isn't trying to start a race war, despite what many ignorant people seem to think. #BlackLivesMatter is a cry for outside help, a cry for outside action to treat us equal. Because it's been made clear to us time and time again that we cannot do it alone. We deserve that, just like every one else. That's all.