Emeril Lagasse Foundation's Boudin, Bourbon & Beer 2016

Event photography is something I really want to get better at, so any opportunity I get, I'm taking it. With my job in social media/PR, I get to shoot a lot of events for our agency clients. Most recently, I got a chance to shoot Emeril Lagasse's Boudin, Bourbon & Beer food festival.

Now, the event was held from 6-11pm, meaning that I shot for the most part at nighttime. That also meant that I had to shoot with a flash, something that I never do. I also never shoot food. So, the learning curve was definitely there, and for it to be on such a big platform (and not a backyard birthday barbecue) was a little daunting. I also got to shoot at a step-and-repeat for the first time, which was...interesting.

The food festival also doubled as a music festival, which is what I'm super passionate about. I got to shoot Banditos, Anderson East and Black Joe Lewis (accompanied by Emeril on drums!) and if I may say so myself, I got some of my best concert photos yet. So I was super happy about that.

All in all, photography is one big learning lesson. You're not going to do everything perfectly the first time around. Or the second time. Or the 22nd time. 10,000 hours, right? For the sake of this blog, check out the concert photos I shot! (I'll throw some event photo extras in there too haha).