Senior Homecoming Shoot // Cameron

So about a week ago, I took the big plunge and invested in a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. It hurt knowing I was spending THAT much money on a lens, but I knew in the long run, it was going to pay off big time. I really want to get into fashion photography, shoot more portraits and step my concert photography game up. So this lens covers all bases, plus will help with events that I shoot. Win win win win.

So once I received that expensive package in the mail, it was time. It was time to figure out who was going to be the luckiest guinea pig of all. Literally the same day, my little brother, who is a senior in high school, asked me to take photos for his Senior Homecoming. Check. And mate.


This past weekend, we set out to take some photos, and the end result was pretty epic. Once I saw that Sir Swag a'Lot was wearing a super bright, bold pink shirt with suspenders and a bowtie, I knew we had to do something super cool. I instantly got Justin Timberlake 'FutureSex/LoveSounds' vibes and that was the theme we tried to channel. I knew that pink was going POP if I could find a big white wall to use as a backdrop. And after riding around, listening to Chance The Rapper for about 15 minutes, I remembered that the back of the closest Buffalo Wild Wings was all white! Bingo!

20 catcalls later, we got plenty of sick shots & laughs and moved on. I wanted to find another super cool location without having to go downtown. Luckily we found a parking garage that overlooked downtown. The garage was closed for the weekend, but we weren't leaving without taking shots, so we found a way in and took the stairs to the roof. Game. Set. Match.


Beyond satisfied how these pics turned out! And now I'm super pumped to do more portrait and fashion shoots! Check out more pics below.